Total supply: 150,000,000 CVG


Staking rewards (42%) 60,000,000 CVG is released over approximately 400 years every week. Every 2 years, emissions are reduced by a factor 21/22^{1/2} . Emissions decreasing stops after 20 years, to keep a tail emission until the full staking inflation is released. The initial weekly inflation is 60,576 CVG.

Bonds (30%) 40,000,000 CVG released over 240 weeks (4.6 years). 8,000,000 CVG will remain unplanned in the bonding program as an elastic reserve.

DAO (9,5%) Vested over 1.5 years, 5% available at launch. Used to deploy initial liquidity and for future incentives (airdrop, community events, etc).

Team (8,5%) Vested over 2 years.

Investors (8,5%)

  • Whitelist: 33% available at launch. The remaining 67% are vested over 3 months

  • Seed investors: 120 days cliff followed by a 5% allocation release. The remaining 95% are vested over 15 months

Partners (0,5%)

Allocation reserved to advisors and close partners. Vested on the same schedule than seed investors.

Airdrop (1%)


Global inflation overview:

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