Understanding CVG

CVG is the governance token of the Convergence protocol. By locking CVG, users can participate in the governance of both Convergence and underlying protocols. CVG lockers can also vote for Convergence’s gauge weights and claim shares on treasury yields at each TDE (Treasury Distribution Event).

CVG Locking

Locked CVG tokens hold governance rights over Convergence (CIP), but also over all underlying protocols that Convergence will integrate. The governance rights that Convergence will acquire through its conversion mechanism will be delegated to CVG lockers.

Votes will be done on Snapshot. Convergence’s metagovernance will follow every underlying protocol's vote.

To summarize, Convergence will allow CVG lockers to:

  • Participate in Convergence and underlying protocols governance;

  • Vote for gauge weights to direct CVG inflation;

  • Claim shares on treasury every 3 months (TDE);

  • Trade their locked position.

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