Understanding Gauges

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Each Convergence staking pool (cvgSDT, sdTKNs and LPs) will be paired to a gauge. Each gauge has a weight. This weight determines how much of the weekly CVG's inflation will be received by a given staking pool.

Unlike Curve’s gauges, the user’s shares of staking pools will not be determined by gauges but directly by each staking pool contract.

Gauges types will be implemented in case the DAO decides to give different types to gauges later. In the beginning, all gauges will have the same type.

Staking pools CVG distribution will be done weekly according to gauge weights and synchronized on Convergence’s Cycles (cvgCycles). The amount of CVG a given staking pool will receive is a function of the corresponding given gauge weight (sum of total weight deployed in this gauge) and the total weight across all gauges.

For example, if users have deployed 20% of their total voting weight into the cvgSDT gauge by the end of a given cvgCycle, the cvgSDT staking pool will receive 20% of the weekly inflation of CVG. Those CVG will then be redistributed to cvgSDT stakers according to their shares of the cvgSDT staking pool.

New gauges will be added when Convergence integrates new protocols.

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