sdTKNs staking

Convergence allows sdTKNs (sdCRV, sdBAL etc) stakers to benefit from boosted earnings, via its veSDT boost socialization model.

The following sdTKNs are currently supported:

  • sdCRV;

  • sdBAL;

  • sdFXS;

  • sdANGLE;

  • sdPENDLE;

  • sdFXN.

sdTKNs stakers on Convergence benefit from underlying veTKNs native rewards and Stake DAO's fees, as well as boosted bribes earnings (distributed as sdTKNs). sdTKNs stakers also receive CVG rewards on top, according to each sdTKN gauge weight on Convergence.

Certain staking pools may also benefit from additional rewards as a boost, via the treasury's bootstraping module.

The voting power owned by Convergence via its sdTKNs holdings will be delegated to Stake DAO's delegation addresses, in order to maximize users yields.

To summarize, for each sdTKN, stakers can claim:

  • Underlying veTKN native rewards;

  • A share of Stake DAO’s fees in TKN (i.e. CRV for sdCRV);

  • Boosted bribes rewards distributed as sdTKN;

  • CVG rewards according to gauge weights.

Convergence allows users to deposit native tokens, sdTKNs or Stake DAO's gauge receipt tokens in its sdTKNs staking contracts.

For example, it is possible to deposit CRV, convert it to sdCRV, and stake it in one go, directly on Convergence.

Users who are already staking on Stake DAO don't need to withdraw to redeposit on Convergence, as they can directly deposit their Stake DAO gauge receipt.

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