Governance votes

As a veSDT holder, Convergence can vote on Stake DAO's governance proposals. The voting power held by Convergence is delegated to CVG, via the mgCVG locking primitive.

Voting rules


  • A 15% quorum is needed to deploy voting power (15% of mgCVG votes).

Single choice votes:

  • The full veSDT voting power will be deployed to vote for the option that receives the most votes.

Weighted votes:

  • The full veSDT voting power will be deployed, proportionally weighted to mgCVG votes.

For example, if 50% of mgCVG voted "A", 25% voted "B", and 25% voted "C", Convergence will then deploy all its veSDT votes accordingly.

All Stake DAO's governance votes will be followed in Convergence's metagovernance.

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