cvgSDT staking

Convergence allows Stake DAO users to stake a liquid derivative version of veSDT, called cvgSDT, that can be staked or unstaked anytime.

cvgSDT stakers benefit from native veSDT rewards (sdFRAX3CRV), and from 10% of SDT harvested from staking pools (LPs). CVG emissions are added on top, according to the cvgSDT gauge weight.

In addition, the treasury is used to further boost earnings with:

  • 50% of SDT harvested from the cvgSDT/SDT stablepool owned liquidity;

  • An additional SDT boost from the treasury’s bootstraping module.

cvgSDT stakers also benefit from potential bribes, earned via the protocol’s veSDT holdings. Bribes will be swapped to SDT or cvgSDT.

To summarize, cvgSDT stakers can claim:

  • veSDT native rewards (sdFRAX3CRV);

  • A share of Convergence’s fees in SDT;

  • An SDT boost from the protocol’s treasury;

  • Bribes rewards distributed as SDT or cvgSDT;

  • CVG rewards according to gauge weights.

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