Stake DAO rewards

Staking rewards (cvgSDT, sdTKNsand LPs) are distributed weekly, at the beginning of each cvgCycle.

If one stakes his assets (cvgSDT, sdTKNs or LPs) during a given cvgCycle N, his rewards will be available at the beginning of the cvgCycle N+2.

Staking rewards will be distributed to users, based on their shares of their staking pool, according to the figure below:


R1user=Asset balance(X)Assets stakedR1R_{1user}=\frac{Asset~balance}{(X)Assets~staked}*R_{1}


R2user=Asset balance(X+Y) Assets stakedR2R_{2user}=\frac{Asset~balance}{(X+Y)~Assets~staked}*R_{2}

If a user unstakes any asset before the end of a given cvgCycle N, he will then not be able to claim Stake DAO's rewards for the cvgCycle N (at the beginning of the cvgCycle N + 1).

Claming rewards

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