LPs staking

Convergence allows liquidity providers from various protocols, such as Curve and Balancer, to stake their LP tokens (LPs), and benefit from boosted earnings.

In addition to each protocol native rewards, already boosted by Stake DAO (boosted CRV rewards for Curve for example), LPs stakers earn boosted SDT rewards. LPs stakers also earn CVG rewards on top, according to gauge weights.

Certain staking pools may also benefit from additional rewards as a boost, via the treasury's bootstrapping module.

Curve LPs staking

To summarize, for each LP, stakers can claim:

  • Underlying protocol boosted rewards (i.e. CRV for Curve LPs, BAL for Balancer LPs etc);

  • Boosted SDT rewards;

  • CVG rewards according to gauge weights.

Convergence allows users to deposit native LPs tokens, or Stake DAO's gauge receipt tokens in its LPs staking contracts.

Users who are already staking on Stake DAO don't need to withdraw to redeposit on Convergence, as they can directly deposit their Stake DAO gauge receipt.

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